Monday, January 5, 2009

Wedding dreams make me wanna scream....

I had two wedding dreams over the weekend. I had several friends who had either gotten married or gotten engaged before I did so, thankfully, I expected this. But what I didn't expect was how stressed out they'd make me!

The first dream I had on Friday night. The gyst of it was that I forgot to hire a DJ and people I didn't know were eating my catering. Not that my catering is going to be anything spectacular (we're doing NC bbq, fried chicken, and the fixins) but still. No one wants univited people eating their food.

The second dream was early this morning and man, it's still got me worried. On this one, I waited until 17 days before the wedding to do anything and we decided to just say forget it, we'll get married by the Justice of the Peace right now. (Which, honestly, would be perfectly fine with Vito.) I remember saying something about, "Is it eloping if we dont' leave the country?" I asked that like 100 times to anyone who would listen.

I always wonder if my dreams don't hold more prophesy than I'd like to admit. I firmly believe your dreams are trying to tell you something. Finding out what is usually the hard part. I just hope these dreams don't amount to anything more than motivating me to find a DJ and get all my planning done early.

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