Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I confess...

...I have a fear of baking with yeast.  Yeah, you know, the stuff you use to make bread?  Or cinnamon rolls?  Or whatever else.  Yeah, terrifies me.  I'm ok if I'm baking with my handy dandy bread machine because it does a LOT of the work for me (think: kneading.  Repeatedly).  BUT, when it comes to free-handing it, I'm pretty dern skerd.

So, here's my goal.  I'm thinking about making a batch of homemade bread this weekend.  Nothing too spectacular, maybe just a nice loaf of white bread.  But I need a good beginner's recipe.  Something that doesn't require special tools (think stand mixer) and can be done without stressing me the hell out.  So here's what I need from you guys.  Suggestions.  Email me at or Facebook me or Twitter me (tweet me?) or whatever you want.  I'm a social media whore so I'm always on some social site or another.  Hell, you can even tag me on Pinterest if that's what floats your boat (hint, hint, Amanda).


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

OMG! My son's a toddler!

When did this happen?   When did my little Lima bean become a walking, singing, feeding himself toddler?  I must have blinked.  I must have not been paying attention.  There's no way his babyhood flew by so quickly!

I know every new parent hears the phrase "Enjoy it while you can!  It goes by so fast!" about 2,316 times before the baby even turns 6 months old, but you don't really appreciate the enormity of this statement until you actually have a little kiddo of your own running around.

I've heard from several of my mommy friends that it seems to go even faster with the second than the first.  Maybe that's because you've already got your hands full with one child and you don't get to enjoy the Stop and Smell the Roses kind of moments like you did when you were a family with just one child.  (Which, if I might point out, is another argument for just having one kid.  Just saying!)

So, anyway, all that to say V3 is one.  I'm a mommy to a kid who can now express his own opinion about things (even if I often have NO idea what he's actually trying to tell me).  He can feed himself his pancakes and his peas and he would much rather do it himself than have me help.  

He never ceases to amaze me.  He's got a HUGE personality in one little body.  I am astonished at how vocal he can be about things sometimes.  And he's handsome.  Oh my gosh is he cute.  He melts my heart.

Being a mommy to such a cute little boy makes my life complete.

Happy birthday, V3.  Mommy and dada love you more than you will ever know!!