Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another year ends and another one soon begins...

This is the time of year where I do a lot of introspection; I wonder what I'm becoming, who I am, and I wonder, at times, if I even like the person I've turned into. This is shaping up to be one of the years that I almost feel I'm not impressed with myself. Not to say I'm not impressed with what I've accomplished this year (new job, getting engaged, going to school full time while working full time) but I am saying I'm not impressed with who I am.

I have turned into a mean, vile person who has no inkling of how to be nice. I realized the other day that I am no longer nice to the people who mean the most to me (my fiance, my mom). When did this happen? I wonder why it happened. When did it become excusable to act this way? Simply put, it's not. I've allowed it to become acceptible.

So here's my New Years Resolution for 2009: I am going to be a nicer person. I am going to go out of my way to not get an attitude when people annoy me. I am going to not get cranky with Vito when things don't go my way. I am not going to be ill with everyone around me simply because I think I can. I am going to try to be the nicest version of myself as possible.

Remind me I said this in March when the emotional high I'm on from the Holidays has worn off....

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