Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hello, Monday...Goodbye, weekend.

This was another wonderful weekend. I'm sad to see it go. But this week holds lots of exciting things.

Little boy turns 1 on Sunday. I cannot believe its been a whole year. My heart is overwhelmed with so many emotions. Happiness, joy, sadness over the past year being gone, and, mostly, an overwhelming sense of being eternally blessed.

I am looking forward to his first birthday party. It won't be anything grand...just friends and family, cake and I've cream. But it's giving me a sense of little boy isn't a baby any more. He's already a toddler. When did this happen??

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rainy day blues.

I've always been sensitive to the weather.  And a lack of sunshine.  And this week has been no different.  While the last couple of days have been warm by Eastern Carolina standards, it's been slightly overcast and (today) downright nasty.

It's raining/drizzling this morning and all I want to do is go home and go back to bed.  That could have something to do with the fact that I was up at 5:00 this morning with a fussy baby.  It could also be the fact that I have had the CRAZIEST dreams the last few nights and it's truly starting to disrupt my sleep.

Last night I dreamt I got attacked by a hairy rattlesnake.  Yes...hairy.  And it was a horribly vivid dream that I had a hard time shaking when I awoke from it.  I woke feeling like I had the creepy crawlies and things were biting me.  It was horrible.  It's the same kind of dreams and sensations I had when I was on Citalopram (an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety I was on for a short period of time before I got pregnant).  Needless to say, it was a horrible way to start my day.

So, basically, I'm feeling down in the dumps today.  I'm a little out of it and I'm having a hard time getting motivated.  On a brighter note, today is AA Milne's 130th birthday.  The many adventures of Christopher Robin and Pooh are some of my son's favorite stories right now.  Happy Birthday, Mr. Milne.  Here's to hoping many, many more generations of children get to experience the joy of a silly bear and his best friend.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where has time gone?

I realized today that it's been an eon and a half since I blogged. I've been avoiding it...that airing out of the mind that happens when you put yourself out there for the world to see. I've been busy...having a child and watching him morph into a toddler in front of your very eyes is amazing.
And challenging.
And scary.
And so rewarding.

V3 is an amazing little guy with the sweetest temperament. I am blessed and genuinely thankful that I'm lucky enough to be his mom. How on earth did I get this lucky??

This is just a small hello. Something to let you know I'm back. I'm not gone or dead or anything else. This blog is my place to vent and I've needed that. Missed it dreadfully, actually.

Hello, everyone. My name is Katie and I've missed you!