Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wedding Worries....

When Vito and I got engaged last year in May, I knew we were having a destination wedding in Jamaica with our closest family members. I ran the idea by my dad and he quickly ix-nayed that suggestion.

Then, I knew we were having a smallish affair at a beautiful "plantation" here in the Greenville / Washington area known as Yankee Hall Plantation. I imagined an elegant wedding with 150-175 of our closest friends and family in attendance.

NOW....I'm having the wedding I really do dream of. We're getting married at Strickland Farm in Macclesfield. This place is in the middle of NO WHERE!!! It's rustic, but well-maintained and as beautiful as I can imagine. Now, instead of almost 200 people, my guest list is at a well-rounded 109. With 9 of those being children under the age of 6.

My dad and I are going Thursday afternoon to pay the deposit for the venue. I thought this day would never get here. Next I get to call the Bakery and find out when and how much I need to pay for a deposit. Then there's the rental company/florist that is doing our linens, stemwear, and flowers. Then there's the officiant. I still need to get in touch with her and start getting things set up with her. Then there's the photographer, a friend of Vito's who does an amazing job and shouldn't be charging me too much for the use of his skills and talents.

Anyway...that kind of summarizes where we stand. We're at the beginning of a LONG road.

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