Friday, February 13, 2009

Wedding Venue? Check. Florist/Rental Company? Check, check.

I have to say...this wedding has been a breeze. The hardest part for me has been the waiting between the getting things done. I knew exactly what I wanted months ago but no money to pay for it. Now, we've started paying people for their services. Which has been a major relief to me.

We paid for the venue yesterday. And I almost cried with joy and excitement while we were there. I love my venue. Here are some pics...


Landscape 2


We also paid Occassions for our linens, flowers, and rented items. It was nice to get that taken care of, too. The venue and the rental company/florist were two of my more major vendors that need to be paid as early as possible.

Next it's the bakery, officiant (once I make up my mind), DJ (when I find one), and that's it with the major stuff.

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